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I learned the three color technique, using only Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, when I was studying  to get my Masters of Architecture at the University of Oregon. I took two watercolor courses, one from Hoa-Lan Tran and one from Professor James Tice. They both recommended the use of a limited palette and it was a revelation. The colors seemed more vibrant and reminiscent of the 4-color process printing I used to design in my previous life as a packaging production artist.


In 2015, I started playing with Faber-Castell brush tip markers, and I wondered if the three-color technique could work with something less forgiving. I posted a quick sketch of one of my cats on Facebook.
A friend saw it and asked to commission a drawing of his family's dog. That drawing is "Mutt #1," and I have been drawing pets ever since! People have such a deep connection to their pets and I feel honored to be given the opportunity to express that love creatively.

I am Rabidkat.

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